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The Animal Hospital of Georgetown is a full-service veterinary medicine and surgery practice. We offer wellness visits, vaccinations, and routine procedures, as well as care for elderly, sick, or injured pets.

We also maintain referral relationships with local specialists, emergency clinics, and the teaching hospital at Texas A&M University to help ensure that your pets receives the world-class care they deserves.

Here’s a list of services we offer. Just click on each to learn more.

Retail Information

Specialty Shampoos and Non-Shampoo alternatives for many skin conditions.

Treats and Pill Pockets

Specialty treats! Hypoallergenic, low calorie, and dental treats. Pill pockets for dogs and cats.

Dental Supplies

Dental Enzymatic Treats, Water additives, toothpaste, and more.


Supplements to reduce shedding, help aging joints, or reduce tear staining.

Knockout Spray and Yard Spray

Flea control aids for your home.

Emergency Care

After hours care for your furry companion