Nutritional Counseling

There are seemingly hundreds or thousands of dog and cat foods available, and sometimes it may feel that everywhere you look, there are new pet diets and opinions about grain, meats, raw or cooked food.  We are available to discuss your concerns, your pet’s food composition, the possibility of cooking a diet for your pet, and how much he or she should eat.

Many factors go into making diet decisions, including current body condition and life stage. For animals with special needs, there may be a specialty or prescription diet, or we may need to work around food allergies.  These are much more complicated than they seem, and we are happy to help make sure your pet is getting the right nutrition. We are here to help you, to be a resource. We look forward to assisting you in caring for your pet!


Pet appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. We do offer limited drop-off appointments as well. Contact our staff at 512.863.0470 to schedule.

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