Medical Care

We treat pets for anything that may be wrong—from a broken nail to multiple chronic diseases.  If your pet has something wrong, or if you need help with a long-term problem, let us know—we would love to help!  Our staff can take care of most problems in our hospital (often the same day), and when we can’t we are able to refer you to world-class options just minutes away!

Sick and Injured Pets

Whether your furry friend has eaten something they shouldn’t, or has been affected by a chronic organ issue, we can help.  The basis of diagnosing a sick animal is the examination, and we take time to make sure and look thoroughly at your pet.  Ideally, we want to have an appointment to talk with you. This appointment is where we really sort out what to do next.  We have a complete laboratory, digital x-ray, and a staff dedicated to making your friend feel good again.


Central Texas is terrible for all our allergies, and our pets are no different!  There are a lot of options for controlling the allergies. Figuring out just the right combinations of shampoos, topical medications, anti-histamines, and prescription medications is what we are here for! If you need more advanced options, we can offer allergy testing and special food trials too.

Chronic and Endocrine Disease Management

Chronic heart disease or diseases such as Diabetes and “Lazy Thyroids” are common in our pets.  Often, people don’t know how much we can do to help, but there are often affordable, common treatment plans.  We are happy to help you find the right plan for your pet and family.


Pet appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. We do offer limited drop-off appointments as well. Contact our staff at 512.863.0470 to schedule.

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Emergency Care

After hours care for your furry companion

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