It is our hope that we can help your pet live a long, happy life, free of pain and disease. When the time comes that we can no longer provide a great quality of life, we will do everything we can to provide a peaceful passing for your loved one. The process of saying “goodbye” to an old friend is always hard, and we are here to give you peace of mind, counseling, and support, however we can.

What to expect

Before we will euthanize a pet, we want to have a conversation to discuss what’s going on, what treatments have been tried, and what the quality of life is for your pet. If we haven’t examined him or her recently, or we are not treating for an ongoing problem, we will examine your pet and make sure that euthanasia is the best option, and that you know if other options should be considered. We will not euthanize a pet we have not seen recently, without a consultation with the owner.

The process is very quick and peaceful. Some people will opt for their pet to receive a sedative prior to the euthanasia. Some people stay for the whole procedure and some do not. It’s up to you, and it’s completely okay either way. Your friend will be treated compassionately, as we would treat our own best friends. Finally, if you would like your pet’s ashes returned to you, we partner with a pet cremation service.

If you have any question about euthanasia services or “quality of life” consultations, please call and we will do our best to help you make informed decisions, and ease your mind.


Pet appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. We do offer limited drop-off appointments as well. Contact our staff at 512.863.0470 to schedule.

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