Behavior and Anxiety

We expect a lot out of our pets! When you have trouble with your dog or cat’s behavior, or when he or she is anxious, fearful, or aggressive, we may be able to help! Usually, the earlier you start to work on behavior issues, the better your results will be.

General Training

We can help you make basic training plans, counsel you about house-training, and share our knowledge about normal group behavior of your pets.


Aggressive behaviors from our pets often originate from basic instincts, fear, hyper-vigilance, and other sources. Part of the work in front of you will be some intensive training and reconditioning, and we can help teach you what to do. Part of it will be observing for triggers and anxiety cues. It can be hard work, but rewarding.

Fear and Anxiety

Pets don’t understand the world as well as we do. Thunder, new people, unusual noises, or even seeing Mom walk out the front door can be really scary! These fear-based and anxiety-based problems take many forms, and can be very frustrating. Starting early will make the treatment more successful and easier in most cases. We can help with the training, and also with various medications, if they are warranted.


As our loved ones age, their minds age too! They need ongoing stimulation, training, and experiences in the world to be their best. If you are worried that your pet has started having an age-related mental change, we may be able to help you understand what to expect and how to improve their lives.

Won’t Behavior Medications Just “Drug Up” My Pet and Mask the Problem?

We find clients have a lot of confusion and trepidation about behavior modifying drugs. Much of the time, these concerns stem from our human experience, and aren’t that relatable to dogs’ or cat’s needs. We believe in using as little medication as possible, however many of our pets benefit from modest doses of herbal supplements or from anxiety-relieving medications. Through years of experience helping pets feel better, we can support you in making the best choices for your pets.


Pet appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. We do offer limited drop-off appointments as well. Contact our staff at 512.863.0470 to schedule.

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